MKH Stories

The following are stories and artwork by students at the Mary Kendall Emergency Shelter in Owensboro, Kentucky. Click on the title or the thumbnail to see the story or full-size picture.

"Trapped in a Box"
by: Lydia


Drawing by James
by Gina

Artwork by Nick

Original Artwork by Charli
"Life Is not always What It Seems to Be"
by Wayne

"The Perfect Parents"
by Joseph

Origami by Jordan
"Tribute to Mom"
by Matt

Original Artwork by Roger
  josh1.jpg (13730 bytes)
Artwork by Josh
"Goodbye Forever"
by Katrina
 justin1.jpg (16095 bytes)
Artwork by Justin
"Life Is One Big Zit"
by Anastacia
Cartoons by Bishop

Political Cartoon by Ryan
Untitled Poem by Brittany "The Haircut" 
by Christina
justin2.jpg (21923 bytes)
Artwork by Justin
josh2.jpg (61618 bytes)
Design by Josh
"Kitty Love" 
by Jessica

Original Drawings by Gary

"Church Back in tha Days"
by K.Y.

by Katrina
"My Favorite Dog, Lucky" by D.K.

Two Poems by Rose

Original Artwork by Jason

Dainesse's Homework Map
"If I Could Be an Animal"
by Emily

"The Perfect Parents"
by Kevin
by Sabrina

Drawing by Alan

Computer Art by Wayne

"Somewhere New"
by Samantha


Believe In Yourself
by Kimber

Set your standards high

You deserve the best

Try for what you want

And never settle for less

Believe in yourself

No matter what you choose

Keep a winning attitude

And you can never lose

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